Soon you will be able to take a gamble without worry at online casinos with a Dutch license. But exactly how many online casinos can you expect as a player? And are these reliable parties?

The Ksa has received more than 183 interest reports for permit applications. It is expected that 100 parties will soon receive a permit under the Koa Act. And as a player you can assume that this application process is strict. The Ksa will fully highlight an applicant, so that only the reliable online casinos remain.

The integrity of online casinos with a Dutch license

It can generally be said that the license application for online casinos in the Netherlands is one of the strictest. As we are used to from the Dutch government, accuracy is important. The Netherlands recognizes the problem of (online) gambling addiction and takes the interests of consumers (players) high. This means that online casinos in question must meet a strict integrity test. For example, applicants are tested on the basis of the Bibob Act. Not only the (optical) policy of a casino is now examined: all directors, shareholders and holdings are highlighted. Have there been previous bankruptcies? Do directors and supervisors not have a relevant criminal record? Can the company bear all financial burdens arising from the requirements of the Ksa and the Dutch government?

In the context of integrity, all casinos are also required to separate player funds from working capital. You can opt for a Stichting Derdengelden (a construction that is often used by collection agencies and bailiff offices). What does that mean for the player? Your money is secured: your account funds cannot be used for business purposes.

What is changing in a financial sense?

Speaking of finances, what does it look like financially for players? Let’s first discuss some payment options for online casinos in the Netherlands, and then discuss gambling tax.

What payment options will there be?

Nowadays we are often used to wide payment options at online casinos. Not very strange: in this way online casinos can offer more players the opportunity to play. And what will this look like in the Netherlands? It is good to indicate that there is a real chance of regulation of payment options in the Netherlands. However, it is not yet entirely clear which payment options will soon be accepted … What can be expected, however, is that the typical Dutch payment method iDEAL will soon be optional again.

Do I have to pay gambling tax?

And what about gambling tax ? This changes a thing or two! Where you are now probably used to paying tax on profits above $449.00, the tax liability will be shifted.

At the moment, it is not really possible for the tax authorities to levy tax on remote games of chance. This has to do with dependence on the taxpayer’s willingness to declare. With the Koa Act, the tax liability shifts from the gambler to the provider (with a license). The gross game result becomes the starting point for taxation. All in all, a smart move by the government: checking the + – 100 licensees is easier than checking countless online gamblers.

Security requirements

What requirements must a casino meet and how does a player notice this? The safety requirements for players relate to fair games, as well as prevention of gambling addiction.

Controlled Gambling Software Random Number Generator (RNG)

Will an online casino with a Dutch license also have to offer insight into the software they use? There is a chance! For example, it could be that a Random Number Generator Certificate is required. That is a positive development. With RNG software, everything is officially left to chance. This is fair, and of course gives a lot of confidence for the player. Do we at This website  learn more about the developments in this area? Then you will of course hear this immediately!

The focus on responsible gambling

Gambling addiction is no joke. People can get deep into debt. In addition, gambling addiction is an often unnoticed addiction, which makes it difficult to identify it. Logically, the expectation is that online casinos will do a lot with addiction prevention. Why does this make sense? Where the environment of an addicted player has no idea how much he plays / loses, the online casino has insight into this. In addition, the casino can build in tools to combat addiction.