The Corporate Partnering Institute

"Those who establish adaptable formations will survive even if they are small.
While those who establish unadaptable formations shall perish -
even if they are large. So it has been since the beginning of time."

From The Ancient Book of the Huainan Masters
(a 2000 year old Chinese war text)

Who We Are and How to Reach Us

The Corporate Partnering Institute is a U.S. think-tank dedicated to the use of partnering to generate growth and competitive advantage. We also publish Partnering Tools and Business Guides. If you have a difficult partnering project, we'll even help you locate a partner and launch the project.

Our Clients and Customers include:

If you'd like more information about CPI, there are several ways to reach us. You can Email us at You can call us at (847) 677-1457. You can fax us at fax (847) 677-1004.

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CPI Partnering Tools and Services

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